Saturday, February 24, 2007

Velcome to the artwork & steps taken to make 'Vial of Youth

'Vial of Youth' was my 2005 graduate film based around the life of Countess Erzsebeth Bathory, with a twist.
Created by myself and worked on with Caroline Lewis (sound & music), Robbie J (narrator) and Mark Upton (supervisor).
I am proud of this film and so happy with the award it received (see the last post on this page).
The artwork production can be seen as you scroll downwards, leading up to the final production which you can watch from here.

UPDATE 28/10/2008:
'Vial of Youth' is screening not only in the Brisbane International Animation Festival 2008 this week and in the International Animation Day lineup around the world, but I was also interview and had my photo taken for the local paper. Me and one big yellow wall!

Thankyou to Dennis Bathory for the support to go ahead and make this film, good luck with your own projects.