Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Idea?

I came up with the idea to do a vampire themed film after I drew myself in this little cartoon. From then I had to go find a subject other than Vlad & Dracula. When I found the Countess the ideas and drawings flowed...

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flashcartoons said...

i think its awesome that you made a cartoon about the REAL dracula, when i was in florida visiting disney i saw a special in the motel i stayed at that had bed bugs about her and dracula history and how dracula came to be

very good job on this project!!

my suggetion is make another, but this time show the detials of each girl she killed and used, and in the end show her locked up in a room until she died SCREAMING LET ME OUT!!! like history states

and one last thing, she actually lured young girls to her castle stating she started a school for young women to become sophisticated

i suggest you never stop animating, i think your great at it :)