Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Final Product...MY FILM!

Click the image to watch and make sure your speakers are on!

If you cannot view the film, below are the screenshots.

Music and Sound Design: Caroline Lewis
Narrator: Robbie J
Director, script, animation etc: Adele K. Thomas
Supervisor: Mark Upton


Sean Worsham said...

The best thing about this film is the layouts. :)

merili said...

Hey, I liked your film a lot... I started to search for prop design and got to your page... cool.. Greetings from Estonia

edujante said...

Hi Adele!I am Edujante. Thanks to link me.
I watched your film, i liked it very much. The intention of the backgrounds, layouts, and of course, the rythm, very professional.

See u!